The next morning we left. While I waited for you to return the key, the kid who lived next door came back with a fishing pole on his bike. I asked him "Avete preso un pesce?" in my bad Italian. "No, nessuno." he answered.

We had our bags with us and he asked us where we were going - New York? No, we said, just to London. We asked him where he would like to live -- Milano! He answered. Have you been? Not yet.

We left him some fruit that we had bought at the market but couldn't take with us and said goodbye to this inquisitive and very eloquent kid - he had a look in his eye of adventure. I was reassured by his presence. Like nothing bad would happen.

We turned around as we walked out of the courtyard - he was upstairs leaning out of his window - a classic Italian pose.

A classic Italian kid.