Nedra: I've been dreaming about going to Europe.

EVE: Wouldn't that be marvelous?

NEDRA: You've been to Italy, what's it like?

EVE: Well, I was there with Arnaud, which made it extra special.

NEDRA: Where did you stay? I'll be bet Arnaud is great in Rome.

EVE: He loves it. You know, he speaks Italian, talks to everyone. Long conversations.

NEDRA: And what did you do?

EVE: Usually, I kept on eating! You know, you sit in those restaurants for hours. He reads the menu - everything on it. Then he discusses it with the waiter, he looks to see what people at other tables are eating. If you're in a hurry, forget it. He says, no, no, wait a minute, let me see what he says about the...the fagioli.

NEDRA:The fagioli...

EVE: I forget what those are. Anyway, we were always eating them. He likes bollito misto, he likes baccala. We ate, we visited churches. He knows Italy!

NEDRA: I'd love to go with him.

EVE: He likes to stay in small hotels. I mean, minute. He knows all of them. I learned a lot.