#18 (1/4)

The oleanders were growing like trees. Pink, red, white -- the entire town was covered in them. If it wasn't oleander, it was an olive tree or a jade. September, and most of the apartments are empty. Second homes, small, old, or at least not fancy. Still, it's hot and the beaches have a good stream of people trying to stretch the summer out. The weekends are packed.

The driver dropped me at Bar Gino. "Aspetta qui," he said. They were just open and the sticky smell of sugary cornettos filled the air.

The town was quiet. Too quite, I thought. I'll go mad here these days. The coffee from Gino's was good, though, and the cornetto was from frozen, but my hunger didn't stop me. The caffeine ran through me, correcting my posture and keeping my eyes open at the shimmering navy blue water across the street.

I was waiting for the old lady to meet me with the keys and some directions. V told him to wait at the bar, "she'll know where to find you". "How will she know me"? "Believe me, she will."