#20 (3/4)

The old woman showed up, after what seemed like ages, and the apartment had been cleaned just the day before. Fresh linens were there, and more under the bed. The air conditioner worked and there was a small balcony that looked out towards the open water. It was the top floor of a three-floor building, there were only two other apartments occupied.

V had arranged for the fridge and cupboard to be stocked with all the necessities. "It's a long slog up the hills to the supermarket, and without a car, it's a hot mess". I'd get used to the hills, eventually, and my body would adapt, but I did welcome the kind gesture.

This evening, the waves pounded the shore with force, while low clouds hung over the green mountains. It reminded me of New Zealand. The air was damp with salt. At night, the glow of the lights from Genoa could be seen across the water. They look nicer from afar, climbing the hills behind the old port city in a web of orange.