I invited Maggie over for supper.
I can’t she said. We’re going bowling.
Can I come?
We’re at Bowl-a-rama, downtown. I walked, Maggie took her bike. She arrived sweaty - dewey - in a way that makes her seem even more operatic than normal.
Maggie- Let’s get a beer.
The first ball she throws is a strike. Told you, she said.
She told me she was a good bowler - I didn’t believe her.
Bet you a quarter a frame?
Three beers in and a few dollars down.
Maggie - You owe me.
Don’t I always owe you?
Perry and Marcie walk in and we give up on the game, just before the last frame and get tacos.
Perry - these were better when Marco worked here.
He went back South, too cold he said.
Marcie - I want to go South.
Let’s plan a south-trip