We were knee deep in picking out new colors for the kitchen wall. She was veering towards grey. The salesperson at the paint store was going on about trend colors and pop colors and bold colors and this and that and it was all becoming like a kaleidoscope.

I don't care what color we choose as long as we can live with it for awhile, I blurted out. I like blues, greens, and sometimes white. Not really into grey.

Can you excuse us a minute?

We walked down some aisles filled with washing machines, dryers, dish washers. 50 shades of white and beige. On the next row, refrigerators.

What's going on? I thought you liked the grey?

Too much grey, I said. It's overwhelming. It's the grey skies of winter only in a can you put on a wall. Can we just have some color?

But it matches everything else.

I think we should cut a skylight in the ceiling then. It's too dark.

That is ridiculous.

The rows of deep freezers reminded me of the one we always had in our garage growing up. Filled each fall with 1/2 a cow that we would consume over the colder months.

I think we need a big freezer like this. What do you think? It can go in the garage and we can buy meat wholesale.

Only if it comes in grey, she said, as she turned and went back to the paint section.