he note read "meet me at Biffy's, I'm going to have a couple after work." I didn't know if I wanted to go, but a cold Blatz did sound good.
I grabbed my coat and headed out - it was warmer than I thought - spring days.
Biffy's was packed. There was a game on, but no one seemed to be watching it. A couple of old guys were sitting in the corner playing cards, cigs hanging out of the side of their mouths. "Are you shittin' me" one yelled.
I stepped over to the bar - "hey you" she said. "Glad you got my note". Her breath smelled of beer and whisky, not in a bad way though. "Next round is on me". Her kiss was soft and warm. ​"Look, grab that spot - do you want some food?" "No, I'm good." "Bennie and the Jets" came on the jukebox, her friend Alison was dancing with some dude, I took a drink of my beer, she smiled at me, people laughing, the last of the evening sun was poking through the windows. "So, what's happening"?