The day starts with the sun breaking through the blue. If you look out onto the patio you can see a few lizards starting to move around into the light, warming their little bodies. It smells of seaweed, distantly, and salt. There is coffee brewing, the burnt scent comes through the window. All the houses around are white, painted in the color of the Mediterranean, the color of clean. Clean like your feet feel after days and days at the beach, walking on rocks and sand - clean from seawater, clean from sunshine. The dryness, so many people try to combat it with lotions and oil, but the dryness gives life. Looking around you can see plants that thrive in this heat - you can even grow grapes here, maybe make some wine. The dryness, the cleanness - they go hand in hand - the lizards know. One morning one of them sneaks onto the breakfast table and starts to eat some yogurt off a lid. Lizards and yogurt.