I’m at Lydia’s, but she’s on the phone so I’m talking to Karen in the kitchen. Her dad just got a new car. A blue Jaguar.

She’s writing a birthday card. She puts two dollars in it.

Karen: My niece, she turns eight tomorrow.

It’s too adorable to be real.

Me: what’s her name?

Karen: Heather.

Me: what does she like?

Karen: horses.

I draw a horse on the outside of the card. Lydia’s off the phone.

Lydia: Terri and Jill are getting burgers.

We get in Lydia’s old BMW wagon and drive with the windows down to meet them, but stop first at Heather’s house so that Karen can put the card in the post box.

Me: You know it’s illegal without a stamp?

Karen: So sue me.