Will walks into the bar looking uncomfortable until he sees us, then he relaxes a bit. He’s wearing a suit because he wants me to take his picture.

Will: I want it to be in black and white.

Will, at 48, has become a kind of local actor, who is in, what he says, high demand. I laugh.

Me: what does an in demand regional actor do, then?
Will: whatever the director says.

He winks and Stacy when he says this. She’s the boss after all. I tell him to come around later and we’ll have a photo session in front of the paint flecked garage wall.

Me: the light is nice at 6:30.

Later, were home and Stacy is putting frozen pizza in the oven when Will rings the doorbell and we go round to the garage for the photos. I hand him a beer.

Will: thanks for doing this.
Me: it’s what I do.

I snap a few photos. He has a natural pose to him that doesn’t need any adjustment.

Me: you’re a natural.

Stacy sticks her head out the backdoor.

Her: pizza’s done.
Me: want some pizza, Will?
Will: just a slice or two.

It’s dark by seven thirty and we’ve finished the pizzas and a couple more beers and the doorbell rings and it’s Peter with his gal and we invite them in and suddenly, it’s a party, and Will is in a suit.