My niece was in the car with me, we had to get back to town before evening. It wasn't safe to be driving at night. She's an old seven, sitting in the passenger seat, she picks up my camera. "Can I take a picture"? The Beach Boys, Good Vibrations, is on the radio. This place felt little like Southern California. Dunedin to Wanaka was a longer drive than I could remember, it had been seven years, or maybe eight. "Sure", I said. "Just point it out the window". She rolled it down and a cold wind came in. The air, fresh with grass, fir. Removing the lens cap, I could remember a similar scene with my father when I was about seven. Maybe eight. "Where are those photos", I thought.

She snapped a few and rolled the window back up. She put the camera down and said: "I like the Beach Boys.”