Me - Would you ever want a house this color?

Her - Not sure. It really goes with the atmosphere here though.

We were in Marrakesh - it was February. Warm days, cool nights. Hard to find the right clothes to wear. Always sunshine though.

Her- There are a lot of tourists here.

Me - Instagram changes everything doesn’t it?

We left and went for a juice - pomegranate.

Me - I saw a guy down the street with a cart.

Her - You have it. I don’t want anything.

We were in a newer part of town, outside of the old Medina. There are some new apartment buildings, a Zara and a Starbucks. It feels like it’s becoming like everywhere else.

Me - I’m glad we’re staying in the Medina.

Her - Me too.

In the mornings, Yusuf makes us a big pot of coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and small pots of yogurt. This combined with a massive basket of bread, honey and jam become our fuel for the day. The air in the morning is cool, but we still choose to sit outside in the sun. Each morning Yusuf offers to make us an omelette, we oblige and turn the pillow cumin filled eggs into a sandwich with some of the bread.

Stuffed, we rarely ate lunch.